Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nature's selection of Plants and Animals in a Year

Pictures of Plants and Animals

NATURE selects and promotes only a certain type of plants or animals in a year. This phenomenon depends upon environmental conditions, such as local rainfall, weather, climate and the fertility of both the soil and the living things. In the past five years period it has been found in my South Indian backyard that in a given year only a type of wild flowering plant grows more in abundance dominating on other plants. But this dominating nature didn’t continue so in the next following year: another plant dominated! Likewise in animals, for example, the frogs, different varieties of them were promoted in a year like one of our common frog or tiger frog or tree frog. Similarly, within arthropods, spiders or scorpions (arachnids) and butterflies or bugs (insects) dominated. Another aspect was also noticed: in reptiles, one of these like either lizards or snakes was promoted to breed profusely in a year. The next year another CLASS of animal kingdom among Classes of animals or within their Families or Species dominated. Even disease producing bacteria or viruses are promoted in a similar manner. So, it can be deduced here that diseases affecting man are also ‘preferred and promoted’ by Nature each year! The best example was seen here in the year 2006, when Chikungunya disease affected many people. It was due to the promotion of an Arbo virus (alpha type 1) (and also its virus carrying mosquito, Aedes egyptii naturally)!

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