Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Acacia concinna for Healthy Hair!

Here in Tamil Nadu, South India, it is a tradition and a weekly routine to take an oil bath – anointing the whole body with Til oil (Sesame oil), then smearing a paste of an herbal pod powder and getting a shower. This keeps the skin and the hairs both of the body and scalp healthy, and ushers in a good night’s sleep! This paste’s main ingredient is that of the pods of the Shikkai Tree (Acacia concinna, ‘Shiyakaai ’ in Tamil). The whole pod itself has a good oil removing power due to its Saponins content. That is why it is available here in mini-sachets also, as a Natural herbal shampoo! Moreover its paste is harmless and it is equal to corrosive acids like Acetic acid in keeping floor tiles free from both oil and (mineral) salty deposits.

It is a wonder tree providing us freshness of both the body and mind through its pods!

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