Thursday, August 27, 2009

Burns cured by cool water magic!

Burns cause damage to the skin and disfigure the person if it is severe. But in a milder degree of burns I achieved quickly the restoration of my skin to its normalcy without taking any medicine or applying any ointment! I had a small burns on the outer skin of my index finger giving me much pain and burning sensation. I immediately inserted the finger in the cool water falling down from a water tap. I did this for more than fifteen minutes ( I adjusted the water flow to a thin stream). When I removed the finger and examined it, I found that there was no sign of a burn or the pain! Yes, it is a cool water magic to cure or prevent any skin damage that could be sustained due to burns!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Phyllanthus niruri - Treating fruit under leaf!

We see that flowers and fruits are usually found on a separate stalk (peduncle) of a plant. There is a plant that bears its flowers and fruits underneath its leaves! This plant is also a renowned medicinal plant used in Indian Medicine. It is the Carry Me Seed (Phyllanthus niruri, 'Keezhl vaa nelli' in Tamil). It bears green flowers and fruits (tiny capsules with seeds) under its compound leaves in rows - and hence its Tamil name. This tropical plant is seen in Southern India almost at all its plains. Whenever a person has the disease, Jaundice ('Manja Kaamaalai' in Tamil), people collect this plant and give its extract to cure it. This type of treatment (Siddha) is also given with the allopathic treatment for a speedy recovery from the illness. The plant is also said to possess anti -hepatotoxic (removing liver toxins) and many other medicinal properties.

A wonder medicinal plant that is within the reach of hand - in backyard waiting to treat human illnesses!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Migrating Wonder, the Dragonfly!

I find each year that the flying wonder, the Dragonfly (Pantala flavescens, 'Tattam Poochi' in Tamil) appears just before the North East monsoon, when dark clouds are here (in South India) on the sky, masking the sun.It heralds the onset of monsoon. I wonder how this insect can migrate from South India to South East Africa via Maldives, and then return back to South India! It is said that the dragonflies cover up a distance of about 12000 miles in this sojourn! You can read about this wonderful feat clicking on here -> Dragonfly could be greatest migrator.
In this ensuing autumn I think I will attend a 'Send Off' for greeting the dragonflies "Bon voyage!" and 'Receive' them back after their cruise on the seas!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Unique respiration in birds

Flying birds have unique, efficient and special respiration in them as one of their flight adaptations. Unlike human lungs, their lungs are connected to the Air spaces in bones through the Posterior air sacs. During inspiration the fresh air enters their lungs, Posterior air sacs and then the Bone air spaces. During expiration the used air comes out of the lungs; but at the same time the fresh air from the air sacs and the bone spaces enters the lungs (again). Thus there is a constant supply of fresh air to the birds' lungs in both inspiration and expiration!

Birds have this special and wonderful mechanism in their respiration to keep them all active through out their flight.
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