Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ice Age plant, Campion, regenerated!

Out of cloning technology we had seen Dolly rise out of its existing species; we had also seen Jurassic Dinosaurs rise out from eggs in a movie. And now we see an extinct flowering plant that was in Ice Age (30000 years back) rise out (regenerated/ resurrected) - from its own fruit tissue preserved in permafrost of Siberia!

This feat of regeneration has been done by Svetlana Yashina of Institute of Cell Biophysics, Russia. This plant that was extinct is the Narrow leafed campion (Sylene stenophylla). It is a perennial plant; 25cm tall. Its flowers are white and it produces viable seeds.
Read here the news about this wonder plant that has been regenerated:
Ice Age wonder plant from the past!


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