Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day and night cycles on Earth

We live on Earth depending mostly on daylight. After sunset we stop our main activities, take rest and go to sleep at night. This refreshes, repairs or rejuvenates us for the next day activities. These daily activities prolong our life on Earth. How these day and night are formed in a day's time?

Each sunset of a day is only the entering of our town's location (on Earth) into the Earth's shadow on the path of sunlight. This happens due to Earth's rotation on its own axis.

Keep it in mind that the outer Space is always dark; in it sunlight is only a minimal source and is incapable to make the Space bright. That is why we begin to see the sky (Space) dark at sunsets through our Earth's atmosphere! From dusk we begin to see stars, planets, moon and meteorites. Likewise, sunrise is the leaving out of this Earth's shadow by our town's location (on Earth) and its entering into the region where the sun illuminates directly. Before sunrise at dawn all the heavenly bodies that give out feeble lights are slowly glared out by sun's bright light. Moon is visible only faintly, that too in mornings or evenings only, if it is there on the sky at that time.
Understanding and appreciation of this
wonder day and night cycle is essential before moving into the exploration or observation of outer space and its heavenly bodies from our Earth!

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