Sunday, December 23, 2012

Refreshing drink - Tender Coconut Water!

In India one can easily identify kiosks selling soft drinks by the bunches of tender coconuts hanging on the front of them. Even in winter these coconuts are available with them, since the water present in them has many other uses apart from being taken as a natural beverage. This Tender Coconut Water ('Elani thannee' in Tamil) found inside the greenish or orange tender coconuts ('Elanee') cools down the body in hot summer; so it is in much demand.
It is a clear liquid containing sugars, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. It is also fat-free and low in calories. It can be given even to infants as the sugars present in it are easily digestible. It is sterile when fresh and has the same electrolytes as our blood; so it has been used as a substitute for intravenous fluids in emergency situations! In the treatment of diarrhoeal diseases it is used as the oral re-hydration fluid to restore the lost fluid. Sport persons use it as it has high content of Potassium. Whenever a person has jaundice, tender coconuts are bought by people and the water is given to him as part of its native treatment. Amino acids present in it can prevent heart disease and stroke. This water inside the coconuts keeps its freshness only up to one or two days, after the collection of coconuts from the coconut tree. But its shelf life can be extended much longer by refrigerating and preserving it in pouches and cans.
This wonder water will bring avidity for having it on mere thought of it - as it is quite refreshing and nutritious to our mind and body!

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