Sunday, January 13, 2013

A flower on Martian surface!

We go on trekking to explore about animals or birds in the wild nature. Our such exploration extends also to other planets and moons. But here we include also extra-terrestrial living things, that are similar to us, the human beings. Over the years, we read and heard the news that signs of life, like water etc. does exist in other planets and moons. Recently, in December 2012 it has been reported in the news that a flower is found on the surface of Mars - a Martian Flower!
NASA's Curiosity rover, now exploring on the Mars, has sent pictures of it. This flower is said to have a cluster of five pearl-coloured petals that rise above the rock surface. Though its presence as a 'flower' is not yet confirmed further by humans, it raises hope in us about life - our future life on Mars and such other celestial objects of Nature. Presence of a flower is a signal of intention to produce more live things; it also indicates that there is a living object (a plant) that has produced that flower and that is probably underneath the Martian surface. For that 'object' to produce this flower, it must have grown up itself getting the support for it - the essential life supports like water and nutrients. These supports may have been received by it either from the Martian atmosphere above and/or below the Martian rock surface!
This wonder news about this Martian flower is exciting that makes us more curious to know more and more from the Curiosity rover!

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