Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A snake can save you!

Yes, snake's venom can save a person from diseases such as Diabetes mellitus! After venom is secreted in venom glands and it remained unused, where does it go then? Or what happens to it?
This deadly venom is converted into harmless molecules and used safely in other parts of the snake! Scientists have discovered that this unused venom that is made harmless could be used for developing drugs for diseases such as Diabetes mellitus, Cancer and Hypertension.

Snake's venom gland gives or assigns new functions to the venom molecules apart from its killing prey, so that it serves also useful functions for snake's other body parts. It is said the venom's molecules work to target the physiological pathways of the victim same as that doctors target to treat many diseases. Understanding how the venom is made harmless is the key in developing drugs for those diseases. It is said that the venom causes the cells lining the blood vessels and the cancerous cells to become dislodged and hence die.
So, snake venom may turn into a wonder medicine in future for treating or curing the diseases of today!

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