Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birds take to Sand Bathing!

At my younger age, we walked on at evenings to the outskirts of our town, where the railway station is situated. At such one bright evening we saw sparrows fly down to the sandy path that we tread on. They sat on the ground and began to flap their wings to get sand all over their body! This continued on for sometime when another flock of sparrows joined them in doing it.
It is the Sand Bathing done by the birds. It is also called Dust Bathing if done with dust.

Birds do this to get rid of the parasites that they have on their skin and the feathers. The parasites are smothered in the act. After the sand bath, the birds shake off all the sand thoroughly so that all the parasites are cleared off. It is said also that the excess preening oil deposited on their feathers is also removed in the act. Not only the birds but also other animals such as donkeys, horses, elephants and cats practice this bathing, but with dust!
This wonder sand bathing really excites us much, as we humans take only water bath!
View a video here --> this sand bathing!

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