Friday, May 10, 2013

Sacred power with Bael Tree!

In my younger days, whenever I went to a temple, I noticed that there is a prickly tree in its courtyard. It bore oval-shaped fruits that resembled a Sapota fruit or an Elephant apple ('Vilaampalzham' in Tamil). On inquiring the elders about it, I was informed that it is the tree that bears the leaves which are used in the worship of the God, Shiva. And that it is not a sapota or elephant apple bearing tree. Then what is it?
It is the Bael Tree (Aegle marmelos, Stone apple, Wood apple, Bilva, 'Vilva maram' in Tamil). It is native to India; but seen in all the South Asian countries. It is found mostly in dry forest areas. Astonishingly it tolerates even extreme temperatures from -7'C to 48'C! It grows up to 18 meters in height; bears leaves that have three leaflets - resembling the trident of the God Shiva; that is why the leaves are used in His worship.

Fruits of this tree have a hard shell with yellow pulp and seeds inside. It is used in Siddha medicine in the treatment of abdominal disturbances.

This wonder sacred tree of Hindus is thus supposed to help elevating humans to the feet of the God releasing them from the cycle of birth and death - by the use of its leaves in the worship of the God!
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