Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Double pump of love, the Heart!

There is a double pump that receives fluid from various places and pumps it to be purified. And at the same time it receives also already purified fluid and pumps it to those various places. This pump is our wonderful Heart pumping the fluid, the blood!
It pumps one type of  blood which is received from our other body organs and also the other one that is received back from lungs purified - to the lungs and to various body organs respectively. Thus there are two blood circulations maintained by the heart in the body - called systemic and the  pulmonary circulations. Heart also gets its own blood supply from coronary vessels for its functioning - 'heart beating.' If there is an impairment of this blood supply one gets pain in the chest (Angina pectoris). Many medicines and devices have been found to reduce this impairment.
Heart has got a special musculature for its pumping action called cardiac musculature. It makes a man's heart beat from his foetal life (3 weeks embryo stage) to his death. So, this cardiac muscle functioning is a sign of existing life in us.
Heart's non-stop functioning is maintained by stimulation of cardiac muscle fibres; it is done by electrical impulses as that of our household electric water pump getting electric current from mains electric supply. Doctors check heart's functioning by recording these electrical activities inside the heart by using the Electrocardiogram (ECG). If there is abnormality or block in the conduction of these impulses, doctors use medicines and artificial impulse producing devices such as the pace-maker.

Is there anyway to avoid the malfunctioning of heart? Yes, we have a lot of them; all of them are in our hands and within our reach and control! We must eat healthy diet having low fat and more fibre content; we must be active throughout the day, preferably outdoors in fresh air, avoiding a sedentary life. These make our heart to be healthy always and beat always regularly.
It is needless to say that our wonder heart has been made the symbol of love, as love towards all - wife, kids, neighbours, pets and all other living things makes it beat well forever - with a smile on us! So, love your heart to live longer with love!

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