Monday, July 22, 2013

Viewing wonders big with this Lens!

Whenever I see hand lenses, I am reminded of my father using it to read fine prints - moving/focusing it towards and away. And also of my experiments with it in my boyhood days. Then I focused a lens on the house wall to get the inverted image of the windows! I tried also to make a camera with it, and a negative film of the inverted windows' image! With it I even viewed film strips on dark room wall using battery light as light source! I also used it outdoors on a piece of paper or a wisp of cotton to burn them - by sharp focusing of sun rays!

 A Convex Lens is the tool. It concentrates well the sun rays and focuses them all at its focal point. At this focal point, not only light is bright but the heat is also at its height. So, the materials kept in it are burnt up instantly. Have you ever imagined what will happen to your eyes if you view the Sun when it is eclipsed? Or if you view TV programme closely in darkness? The same thing as aforesaid shall happen: your eye-lenses will burn your own retinas making you lose your eyesight. So, avoid doing these. Nowadays, this lens's burning capacity is used in Olympic Games in lighting up the Olympic torch!
Whenever a negative film strip is held inverted near a convex lens and a flash of light is projected, it produces a magnified image of its contents on the screen. While you use the lens to get the details of an object, the object has to be placed between it and its focal point to view it bigger. It is also used in spectacles for correcting the power of our eye-lens to normal and see clearly. All these wonder powers of the concave lenses are said to be done by 'refraction.'
This wonder lens contains so many such wonders that are yet to be revealed, as it is used to view all wonders through it as the most wonderful wonders!

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