Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The hero of the night's sky - the Moon!

Mothers introduce our Moon to their children in their infancy itself: as they feed them each day with the dinner food, they point out at the serene moon. In the night's sky the moon is the sole attracting object than anything else. Each night it presents a new shape of its phases, that too at different times! It plays such for the kids, attracting them towards it :)
It is also the sole natural satellite of our Earth. It revolves around the Earth once in 27 days. It reflects the sunlight that falls on it like a mirror. Once in 27 days, at evening around 6 pm, we can see it as a larger moon rising in the East; it is seen as a yellow disc on the background of the blue sky. As the night crawls in, this Full moon ascends up and becomes whitish.

In 1960s a Tamil film ('Patchai Villakku' - 1960) was released with a notable song in it; in that song, the hero informs about the progress that mankind had then made such as touching the moon's atmosphere ('Kelvi piranthathu anru ...'). More than that much progress had been then made later in 1960s itself: in 1969 July 21st, astronauts stepped on the moon itself in the 11th Apollo Space Mission!

 Sometimes, this moon does not reveal its presence on the sky, one - as usually expected - on the New Moon day and the other one - not usually expected - at the time of its eclipse by our Earth's shadow on it (Lunar eclipse)! When it obscures the Sun itself totally, Solar eclipse is produced. In this regard, I have wondered how fitting the Moon is to the Sun. It is due to its fitting- orbiting distance from our Earth. I had also wondered in my childhood why there are turbulent, noisy and whitish tides on full moon days. These tides are due to the gravitational pull from the moon's side. 

 Another curious thing about moon is there: it is actually rotating around itself, but we don't see its all surfaces and see only its same face turned towards us always! How is it possible? It is due to the fact that it rotates once in the same time that it takes to revolve around the Earth once - 27.3 days! I wonder who made it so to move with such an accurate precision! God, perhaps :)
In Astrology, the position of the Moon in the constellations at the time of one's birth (Rasi) is important, as it determines the predictions about the person's whole lifetime!
Whenever I gaze at our wonder silvery moon, I wonder about the wonders it holds with it, getting also my mind calm in that with it!

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