Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sriking fragrance is here - from Marukkozhunthu!

Fragrance on the air makes you expect some flowers near you. But there is a leaf instead of a flower doing this fragrant job! In my childhood days I identified this leaf in a garland made for the Gods' worshiping. A few of these leaves were seen tied alternating with flowers.
These are called 'Marukkozhunthu' in Tamil (Artemesia pallens, Dhavanam, 'Marikkolunthu' (Tamil).

This plant is very adaptive in nature and it can grow even in arid places. It is an aromatic herb, raised from seeds or cuttings; fully grown in four months. It bears fragrant yellow flowers. Each greenish grey leaf of the plant is found divided into lobes.

They are fragrant containing the essential oil, the 'Oil of Davana.' The leaves are also used in making perfumes. It is also striking that they are fragrant even after drying!
This wonder fragrant leaf is native to India and I am proud of it!

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