Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Being excess may promote cell revolt - a Hypothesis!

This following article points to the fact that one should not be excess and cross his limits in everything:
Body cells really tolerate your excesses. Most of the time your body corrects the altered chemistry due to that. And the body cells are satisfied with this correction and oblige to work as before with this satisfaction inside your body. But when these excesses become more and more, some of the cells revolt against getting the compromised supply of nutrition that results by such excesses.
While other suffering cells are mediated and become tolerant and calm, these few cells begin to behave violently even before or after such mediation failure. They rob the body of the nutrition by themselves, disagreeing and deviating from the 'general genetic code' of the body; they grow and multiply by themselves, limitless and uncontrolled - becoming themselves given to excesses! Thus they become malignant cells (tumour cells or cancerous cells). When the nutrition in their present area depletes, some of them migrate over to many other areas of the body to establish their aggressiveness there too. Thus they produce their secondary growth areas! So, do not do anything in excess - to stay healthy and save yourself from such cell revolts. You can also take healthy foods that oppose cell revolts or that do mediation!
This is a wonder hypothesis that may save many lives, if further research is done on it!
Don't be scared; it is just a hypothesis only. And it is not a proven fact, but an indicator or alert, only to avoid such instances in you and make you to have and live a healthy, longer and enjoying life. So, the intention of this post is to promote only good habits in you!

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