Monday, April 4, 2016

Deliciously attracting fruit - the Custard Apple!

Fruits that are available seasonally are the most desired than those available year round. One of such most desired fruits is the Custard Apple (Sugar Apple, Annona squamosa, 'Seethapazham' in Tamil)!
It is produced by a small tree that bears and gives this greenish yellow fruit. The petals of its flowers are fragrant. The fruit is covered with scale like divisions all over. It is green when unripe; turns greenish yellow when ripe with splitting of the skin in segments. The pulp of the fruit is white like custard with small granules. It is also aromatic. The entire fruit is formed from all the pistils of a single flower. The entire fruit is thus an aggregate type. The black seeds found inside the fruit are covered in a tough white sheath. The pulp is high in both Calcium and Manganese minerals. Eating this fruit produces calmness of mind and a good night's sleep in you!
Such a wonder fruit from a tropical tree is both sweet and tasty with added flavour and aroma that nobody will forget after eating it!


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