Saturday, September 24, 2016

An insect and a worm from nowhere!

I had then found an insect walking out of a cut mango in my boyhood days. The mango seed was having a hole on it; from that hole black and soft grains had come out and spilled on the mango slices and lay strewn all around too. When the insect was touched with a stick, it folded in its legs and pretended to be dead lying still! After sometime it put out its legs and moved away hurriedly! How and when this insect could have entered inside the mango and how could it survive inside the mango? These were the questions arising in me.. Likewise, I had also wondered how worms could have entered in our body and make their living inside us!

That insect I found in the mango is Mango seed weevil beetle (Mango stone weevil, Sternochetus mangiferae, 'Maambazha vandu' in Tamil). The female weevil beetle lays eggs on the surface of the developing small mango. The hatched out larva enters the seed through the fruit and develop inside it to the pupal stage and then into adult. Then this adult weevil beetle breaks the seed coat and emerges out as this crawling insect!

The entry of worm's eggs into our intestines through eating uncooked food or through our unwashed hands is well known; it causes intestinal worms to establish livelihood in us. Then what is about the worms inside our skin, legs and hands! Yes. The Hookworm (Ancylostoma duodenale, 'Kokkipuzhu' in Tamil) passes out its eggs from the intestine of it's host, a human. These eggs hatch out in the soil into larvae; the larvae bite and enter the bare foot skin of  another host, a human, causing itching; it travels to the lungs and then to the host's intestine. On this route it may stay inside the muscles of the legs and hands, and take rest! But there are also other worms like Ancylostoma brazilense which usually infest only animals such as dogs and cats; but they also wander accidentally into human skin and cause itching and disease!
These two puzzling wonders in the Nature through these wonder insect and the worm really excite one and all!

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