Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sweeter but a sticky fruit, Lasura!

In my childhood days, I had wondered about a nut that remained stuck on the eaves tiles. How had it gone there? Crow had swallowed it and ejected it in its droppings on to the tiles! Is it not digested? It is a hardy nut and hence it is not digested! What is the name of the fruit that contained this nut and was tasty to the crow?
Yes, it is the Lasura fruit (Glue berry, 'Virusampazham' in Tamil, Indian cherry, Assyrian plum). The fruits are borne in punches from May; they are of pinkish white in colour and end down at the bottom with a thorn-like point. On bursting a fruit between finger pads, it's skin breaks out and a sticky liquid oozes out from the gel-like interior! Both this liquid and the gel are smooth and sweeter in taste when the fruit is chewed. What then remains is the nut, a hard drupe. The crows after tasting and swallowing the fruit excrete this nut! What is the name of the tree bearing such delicious fruits? It is Cordia myxa. It grows well in the moist areas along the banks of streams. It flowers from March; fruiting season follows it ending in August. Are there any other uses of this tree? Yes, its bark is used as medicine, unripe fruits are pickled and the leaves are good fodder for the cattle.
Such sweet and wonderful fruits are borne on this wonder tree to relish on, even in my grown up years!

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