Sunday, March 23, 2008

Swimming and Sleeping Snakes

In the recent
rains invariably snakes were seen swimming on or swept along the flowing water of storm drains. They are washed away from their cryptic crevices by the flood water and transmigrated to a new habitat; they visit thus near human dwellings in rainy season.
Winter snakes (like The Little Indian Snake) sleep under small rocks. It seems they don't want to get out in cold climate - indicating that they are cold-blooded. At early mornings, as the day warms up, they get out and go on hunting to appease their hunger. You could hear the preyed upon frog or rat squeak on being devoured by them! (Here a better example could be the Rat snake).
At full moon days, it is said that the snakes become
romantic! And so both male and females can be seen at night-time of these days, increasing the probability of seeing a snake (or a pair).

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Green thumb said...

Hi Thirunavukkarasan,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is very interesting and as you might have found from my post that I am completely enamoured by South India.
P.S- thank God that I have to only write your name; pronouncing it would've been devilishly difficult for me:-)

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