Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Keen Observation of Apes' Habits

Now there are many modern medicines that are the derivatives of crude drugs obtained from the parts of plants. Many such derivatives have also been now synthesized without accessing to plant sources. But the ultimate credit goes to our ancestors who had keen observations. They had watched and studied animals taking unusual plants peculiarly, at certain times (of illnesses), and reported about that and about the advantages the animals gained after such intake. Recently the African apes (chimpanzees) are in the news:

  1. They swallow leaves to expel out worms.

  2. They take soil to make the plant leaves already ingested have anti-malarial properties.

  3. They take the pith of a tree for constipation to get purgation.

It is also said that the native people living next to the forests inhabited by these apes, have similar medical habits as that of the apes! This indicates that the benefits of wonderful keen observations of ancestors are being still availed by these people!

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