Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Way the Wonder Medicine reaches a Patient

Medicines are panacea to people who are suffering both physically and mentally. In older times a cure was not near for a particular illness. Many medical scientists tried in various ways to find it out. It took a long time to discover it – only a few of them succeeded in it. The cure-offering medicines were first subjected to trials in animals and then tried on humans. If they were found not compatible or efficient, their newer derivatives were found out, and these were tested again. When these trials turned out to be successful, the formulation of the medicine was shaped out to get it in a convenient form - a tablet, syrup, an ointment or an injection. Then the medicine was produced in large quantities, and that too was later made affordable to all the classes of people. Now a cure for the illness is available. The illness has to be now found out (diagnosed) and confirmed first by a doctor and then the medicine shall be selected and prescribed by the doctor. The pharmacist shall dispense it as advised by the doctor. So, whenever or wherever one finds a medicine, it should be given its due respect. Behind it lie the hard work of the Scientist who discovered it and the effort of the Company that produced it. A patient sees it as a God-sent helping hand. If such a wonder medicine lies unused with you donate it to others who need a cure with it – before it crosses its expiry date.

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