Friday, May 30, 2008

Excavator Wasp Encountered

I found heaps of moist sand in front of a building site. A fly came to the sand and began to excavate it with its legs, and then entered into the burrow and returned out in a minute to fly away. I presumed that it might be a wasp with its name connected to sand – Sand Wasp. I searched for ‘Sand wasp’ in search engine. The results showed its name as ‘Sand wasp’ only!

These sand wasps (Bambicini) prey upon other insects. The females excavate the sand and form nests. They bring preys into the nest for the developing larvae.

To my astonishment I had a close encounter with another sand wasp on the very night of the day of my reference to the search results! It came into my house and was being attracted towards the UV rays of the tube light. It had a whitish grey back and three orange ring-like first divisions on the dorsum of its abdomen, and the rest of the divisions were black, each one of them ending in a white ring at its ending part!

Wonder encounters with this wonder wasp!

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