Friday, May 16, 2008

The Wonders in Lightning

Energy is the need of the hour. Electric energy has to be obtained from thermal, nuclear, hydro and wind energies. There is always a demand for it. Actually its demand itself is increasing day by day. Imagine that we have periodically one billion volts of electric energy. What could it be? It is nothing but the wonderful ‘Lightning electric energy.’ It is not yet tapped for our increasing needs. But we fear about it that we may lose our life when it strikes, and so, we hesitate to tap its energy.

Lightning Injuries:

The lightning inflicts injuries on the victim’s body at the sites of its entry and exit. Ulcers are formed there. The major injuries are by its mechanical energy that is produced by the rapidly expanding heated air.

Ball Lightning Wonder:

Another wonder in Nature associated with the thunderstorm is reported. In May 2003, when a thunderstorm was here, I and my family members noticed a bright ball. It was about the size of a small orange. It arrived with a cracking sound that alerted us to note it. It cruised smoothly along the inner walls of the house. We all followed it from room to room till it exited out near a window! We are not sure whether it went out through the window or disappeared near the window wall itself! All these happened within a minute. Later on we came to know about it in one of TV channel programs that it is a ‘Ball Lightning’!


prasadh said...

I have never heard of this ball lightening Chitappa. News to me. Should have been an interesting experience for you!

ibdragon said...

As a kid watching a thunderstorm, a massive bolt went over our house and nailed the house at the top of the street. It slagged their electic stove, fried various other components and generally made a mess. More importantly to me as it went over this little itty bitty bolt spun off, came down and threw me up against the opposite wall. No burns, not fire but a pretty darn good thumping. Lightning is truly strange.

Cosmos said...

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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