Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Cured of Hypertension"!

Sometimes I get happy notes from my hypertension patients (when I meet them) that they have been cured of their disease and so they did not turn up for consultation for that reason! Later when I checked their Blood Pressure (B.P.) I was surprised to note that they are now having normal blood pressure of 120/80 m.m. of Hg! They had been taking medicines for Hypertension for more than three or four years. Then, now how they could have been cured of it, I wondered. On careful analysis of their past treatment histories, I found out that they had either started the treatment when they were temporarily hypertensive or they have now recently changed their life style drastically with diet restrictions and all that, so that their mild hypertension in the lower border of the high pressure range crossed down to its still lower normal range! So, for Hypertension it is only these life style modifications will be the wonder cure (– when it is detected in its earlier stage), and not anything else! (That is why yearly health checkups are advised for all those crossed the age of thirty years).

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