Friday, June 20, 2008

The Perseverance in a Nesting Bird

Mynah is one of the common birds of Tamil Nadu, India. (Sometimes its nestling are kept as pets). It selects its nesting site and defends it like anything. It is said that mynahs build two nests, one for brooding by the female and the other for roosting by the male! I see each year in April or May that a pair of mynahs builds nest(s) in my house – inside the hole of window that is fitted with exhaust fan. They are not tired of their nest building: each time I clear the nesting material from their nesting site they send an irritant and angry call and fly away. But on the very next day morning I find fresh nesting material plugged in the hole! They have repeated their building work silently in the early morning itself.

A very bad but persevering wonder bird!


Baker Watson said...

That bird even looks determined, lol.

Cosmos said...

Thanks for your comment,Baker Watson!

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