Monday, June 23, 2008

The Enhancing Hero turns Mango into a Villain

This y
ear the seasonal mangoes are attractively golden yellow. There is a continuous flow of mango baskets in the markets. And there is no storage delays to ripen the fruits in the godowns. The credits for these go to Calcium Carbide. This chemical 'stone' placed within the baskets of mangoes ripen them in one hour, whereas the normal process of storing with hay takes four days! It makes the mangoes 'inviting' to taste. But these mangoes with white coating and small black spots on their skins make their consumer suffer with vomiting, dysentery,dizziness, mouth ulcers and a host of other illnesses. Moreover the quality and taste are diminished in them. These problems are caused by the Acetylene gas released from the Calcium Carbide. In its place another chemical, Ethylene is suggested for a harmless ripening. But the safer natural ripening on the trees by the sun is the best one.
In other aspects this Calcium Carbide is already a wonder chemical that is used in the production of plastics, and in the welding industry!

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