Friday, July 18, 2008

An Inspiring Wonder Jerk

In my school days, my doctor brother used to bring wonders to home which he learnt in his studies at Medical College – about forty years back. One of those wonders: Our legs swung when he simply tapped on our knees!

This leg movement is not made voluntarily by us. It is not abnormal otherwise. It is done as a reflex reaction that is carried out only through nerves.

In medical practice this Knee Jerk test is used to examine the integrity of nervous system. You can also do it yourself as follows: Sit on a high leveled chair or on a table top with knees hanging free, placed away from the edge. Now tap just below the knee cap with the back of a ladle in a single and gentle strike. You will see your leg jerk and swing forward at knee by itself effortlessly, without your prompting it to do it!

This wonder test inspired me to yearn for pursuing medical education and made me to learn it in the same Medical College! Thanks to my brother.


prasadh said...

Good post Chitappa. Nice to know that papa chitappa used to share his medical secrets with you in those days. I did try the knee jerk test , but my knee did not jerk forward. Probably I tapped at the wrong spot :-(

Your posts are all very informative.

Cosmos said...

You can try again Prasadh: Gently tap just below the knee. That is enough. You will get the jerk!

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