Monday, July 21, 2008

A Wonder Medicine for Rescuing Women

In consultation room, in India, majority of women patients complain of having pain in the arms, neck, chest and lower back. When they are examined they are invariably found to have the disease Anaemia. In pregnant women also this anaemia peeps in as the baby grows larger gradually inside the uterus, and when they are undernourished. This iron deficiency anaemia can be either prevented or cured by simply taking tablets containing Iron and Folic acid. Blood’s major solid component, Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC) contains the protein, Haemoglobin that in turn has also the iron. Deficit of these Red Blood Corpuscles resulting out of their increased demand, decreased availability of its contents (iron, vitamins, etc.) or its loss is called the anaemia. These corpuscles help us to breathe (take in Oxygen from air and carry it to the tissues), be active, grow and renew tissues. So, their deficit (anemia) causes breathlessness, delayed growth and repair, pain, sluggishness and others. To rescue the women from these bad effects of anaemia, tablets containing iron salts and vitamins are to be taken. These are the sole cheap and best handy medicine available. At present this wonder tablet is also the sole panacea for promoting the health of the future generation: the present babies in the wombs and in the world!

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