Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another source of Biodiesel - Pongam Tree!

There is another source of biodiesel apart from the Jatropha plant. It is the Pongam Tree (Pongamia pinnata). Its seeds contain up to 30% of oil. This oil is called Pungam Oil or Honge Oil, and it is used in electric generators for lighting and water pumping, and also as medicine in a host of diseases.

The tree is drought resistant and is raised for its canopy in avenues that gives shadow in the sun shine. Strikingly, its leaves bear brownish galls of pea-size. These galls are formed after the affection of its leaves with insect pests, giving these peculiar nodular surfaces to the leaves!

The Pongam tree is a wonder tree with multiple uses for the mankind. That is why the Indian farmers are being encouraged to grow them a lot.

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