Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Enchanting 3 D

As a boy, in 1970s I have come across 3 D pictures, for the first time. These three dimensional pictures have depth information also for our viewing! My elder brother allowed me then to view in 3 D the photos that were on a disc reel, through his ‘View-Master .’ Still I remember Saachaa Nehru (former Prime Minister of India then) in his long white coat with a rose adorned on it! As the disc reel was rotated each photo came into my eyes for giving 3 D perception.

Then 3 D photos on photo paper were in circulation. Another version of 3 D effect is felt when you stare close at a bizarre image – a 3 D image lifts itself up and stands out from the paper! It is called Autostereogram or Magic Eye Images .

Next films came with 3 D effects that are to be experienced by wearing special glasses. Now even these glasses themselves have been disposed off: you can view directly 3 D films on special TV screens in near future!

Recently Laser 3 D TV has also been researched to get this 3 D effect for us. I wonder that soon we may have to search and distinguish our own real eye view of our world from those images in the 3 D world!

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prasadh said...

I remembered when I saw my first 3D movie [ My dear kutti chathan] when I was in school. We were asked to wear that red coloured glasses.
It was nice reading your post !!

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