Friday, August 1, 2008

Hanging Upside Down of Bats

I had earlier displayed these following on the Poll of this blog: Why do bats hang upside down in the ceiling?

  1. For hibernating easily

  2. For easy take off to flight

  3. Predators cannot access them from below

  4. Bones are weak for upright posture

  5. For all the above reasons

  6. Easier to locate the predator ultrasonically

  7. Reason not yet found or proved

What could be your choice from these? You can click on comments placed below this post and check the answer. I have revealed it there!

1 comment:

Cosmos: said...

Puzzled scientists have come up with many such explanations. These are not yet proved; but among these one or more might be the reason. So, I point at the seventh one as the answer for the time being! (I may point later to the fifth one in case all these reasons are proved then!).

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