Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health Enhancing Wonder - Cordyceps!

When I found ants float on the cow’s milk or when dead caterpillars were found in the dishes made with cereals or beans, my grandmother encouraged relishing the drink or the dish, explaining about the enhanced nutrients they provide: they are good for the eyes and kids’ growth! The Chinese had tasted such dishes that we rejected with fear and distaste, and found medicinal properties in them! Yes, I refer from here the Vegetable Caterpillar Fungus (Cordyceps sinensis). It is a vegetable on a non-vegetable! The fungus infects the caterpillar and converts it as its dwelling, preserving the caterpillar form (parasitism).

It is said that Cordyceps fungus is used in Chinese traditional medicines. More than that: its consumption is attributed to have made the Chinese athletes break many world records in their National Games in 1993, by improving their performances! Its derivatives are also used to aid in human organ transplantations. It is more powerful than the ‘Ginseng’ root in healing.

Such a wonderful fungus having many health benefits is abundant in the high altitudes of Himalayan plateau.

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