Monday, August 4, 2008

Touring the World on Verve Earth! - 1

Touring the world as if sitting on a satellite and having a look at the blogs of Bloggers present all over the world will be both awful and interesting, isn’t it? I was in a similar situation when I combed through all the world’s continents for the blogs of Bloggers in Verve Earth website! I share here that wonderful experience with you!

In my tour there were regions like that of South America where I cannot read the blogs at all, as they were in local language script. But I could see a blog there that has cartoons and cartoons only!

One blogger near India in Maldives offers help to women of her country to redress their worries through law!

In North America bloggers have their blogs on wide variety of topics. Many of the bloggers I found on the tour are Software Engineers or Technologists working in other nations far away from their native nation. Some of them have even formed their National Community Blogs!

I shall not stop with this and you shall have to wait only just a few days: I shall continue this in my next post until then you can have your own experience on the satellite, Verve Earth!

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