Thursday, September 18, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - Animals - 3

At Courtallam we can enjoy the antics of monkeys which come in troops – sometimes they seize the eatables from you, when you are unaware! You shall have to carry with you a stick to ward off them. You can also see often baby monkeys cuddling to the chests of their mothers!

Pothigai Hills
have forests that show a wide and rich biodiversity: you can see Millipedes and Slugs of various sizes moving on in damp places.

One can hear the Beetles that make noise having a characteristic note and see the Fireflies as moving lights at night. Lizards crawl on the forest floor, and the Fruit Bats fly away every evening from their roosting places on the trees. The moist rocks are covered with Lichen and Moss . Ferns greet you with their fronds on the wayside.

If you have seen a similar wonder place with such all animals, insects and plants you can share here your experience.

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