Thursday, September 4, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - 1

Each year in July and August, South India receives seasonal rains by South West monsoon. Western Ghats have continuous rainfall at this time. Pothigai Hills are also on the Western Ghats.

The clouds always embrace the Pothigai Hills predicting good rains on their slopes. As a result, there is a copious flow of fresh and cool medicinal water down the hills to make the famous waterfalls at the place called Courtallam. Courtallam is at the foot hills of Pothigai Hills. Here at Courtallam there is always breeze whistling through trees, with fine drizzling called 'Saaral' in local language (Tamil).

The drizzles and the rains over the hills are absorbed on a sponge-like cover of medicinal herbs. As this water soaks the medicinal herbs it gets medicinal properties from them. Then it seeps and percolates down in small streams which join to form the great waterfalls down at the foot hills, Courtallam.

All those visiting Courtallam never miss to have a bath at the waterfalls, and thereby to have a fresh mind, wonderful and sensational experiences, and all those benefits resulting out of it!

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