Thursday, September 11, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - Flowers - 2

Courtallam , everywhere we can see fragrant flowers in full bloom, larger in size than those in the plains. I should mention here specially about a flower, Champak or Shenbagapoo (Magnolia champaca), that is available here. It is yellowish and has heavenly fragrance! It is offered to the God, Thirukutrallanathar of the reputed Siva temple here. People used to buy these flowers preserved in transparent bottles and carry to the plains to place in the showcase of their house.

The children from the plains see this Touch-Me-Not or the
Sensitive Plant ('Thottal Sinnungi' in Tamil) with wonder, and have the experience of touching its leaves that fold and retract themselves in response!

Various fruits are available here at Courtallam: Mangosteen, Carambola, Pample mousse, Rambuttan, Jack fruit,Java Plum (Naavel Pazhlam), Durian and the Mango ! You can share here your thoughts by posting comments.


Swarna said...

Nature beckons, seeing your pics, one feels.
Informative blog, I hope to visit often.
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Cosmos said...

Thank you, Swarna. Continue your visits. My another blog, shall also impress you much.

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