Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - Waterfalls - 4

The famous waterfalls of Courtallam are Main Falls, Five Falls, Old Falls, Tiger Falls, Little Falls (Chitraruvi in Tamil language) and Fruit Falls (Pazhla Thotta Aruvi). Two more big waterfalls are also there but in higher altitudes: Shenbaga Devi Falls and Honey Falls.
These two falls could be approached only by trekking on tracks over the hills. Guides have to accompany you to reach the Honey Falls. I have gone to the Honey Falls climbing and hopping over rocks, and seen the water falling down from the top of a lofty hill cutting through a rock. There are unusually huge Honey bee hives attached to the cleavage walls of the hill through which the water falls down. Hence the falls is called as Honey Falls. You cannot go near the falls as there is a deep ditch down the falls site. So, you cannot take bath in it. But you can ‘taste’ the pure crystal clear and cool water flowing down as a stream towards you. From there I was able to view the beautiful scenes of the plains down and away the hills!

In the past, about once in four years people from the nearby districts there used to visit Courtallam. Nowadays with all the transport facilities available, people from all over South India visit the place regularly at least once in a year!

There are resorts in and around Courtallam for the visiting people to stay and enjoy. Cuisines of both Veg. and Non-Veg. types are served in the hotels and eateries.

For entertaining the kids playing parks, Aquarium and Mini zoo are there.

The Courtallam, ‘The Spa of South India’ at the foot hills of Pothigai Hills is a wonderful place to all those who seek Nature, Science and Medicine!

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