Saturday, October 4, 2008

Aspirin - the Tablet that avoids Deaths and Disabilities!

Tablet Aspirin was sold and used widely under many brand names in 1960s for relieving headache. Slowly it was pushed aside as newer pain relievers were discovered. Moreover its continuous use produced (and produces) various other illnesses that include Gastric ulcer and Gastric bleeding. These almost precluded its use and it almost disappeared in the prescriptions of doctors.
In this present stressful world of today, as lifestyle has become totally changed from that of 1960s, many other Non-Communicable Diseases have become high handed. These diseases are
Hypertension, Diabetes, and other complicating illnesses arising out of them such as Heart attack, Brain stroke, etc. Now our tablet Aspirin has been rediscovered again to have preventive nature against the complications of these illnesses, and thus the deaths and disabilities also, which may result out of them! Here Aspirin has to be taken only in low dose that is innocuous and avoids Aspirin’s own side effects such as Gastric ulcer.
Thus this
wonder tablet Aspirin is in limelight again as it safeguards human race from dwindling down!


BrainWaver said...

sorry to interrupt the laudatio - but there are some more aspects to aspirin / ASS / whatever it is called.

Remainders of this "harmless" pill can be traced in your body weeks after you took it.

Making the blood "thinner" can be useful under certain cirumstances - but it is stupid to preemptively "eat" aspirin like (or instead of... *lol*) vegetables...

Many doctors and researchers will tell you (privately, of course) that there are quite some deaths linked to the permanent preemptive use of acetylsalicylic acid / Aspirin (internal bleedings that would have been harmless otherwise, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.).

Like most drugs Aspirin can be useful - but should be used with care and usually be avoided unless needed.

If you change your lifestyle and your thinking, you need less drugs (of any kind...), if any at all...

Cosmos said...

Thank you for your opinion. It is advised that tablet Aspirin should be taken by the patients suffering from these Non-Communicable Diseases to avoid their complications only, and not these diseases themselves! As you have said life style modification is the way to prevent these illnesses.

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