Friday, December 26, 2008

Jungle Babbler - Seven sisters - nice visitors!

I find each day a flock of winged visitors in my garden at morning or evening. They give a noisy call making me to peep out to have a look at them. Often I see one of them pecking on its image in the rear view mirror of my two wheelers! These visitors are the birds called as the Jungle Babblers , and as Seven sisters in India (Turdoides striata). They have grayish brown feathers, and move the tails often either up or to one of their sides fanning out the tail feathers in the act.

These Jungle Babblers live in the tropical suburban areas only. They are seen only in flocks of seven or more, flying down to the ground or to the tree perch, one after the other following in a line. They fly lowly and do not fly away on seeing human beings; but get alerted and fly away on seeing our advancing movement towards them! As they hop around on the ground they eat insects and worms. Occasionally, they make noisy quarreling sounds with offending Mynas and chase away them!
These wonder babblers frequenting our garden are amusing and nice birds! You can share with me your experience about these birds.

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