Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and Ice greet You!

At this time of winter we are reminded also about Santa Claus, Christmas tree and ……… the Snow! Snow is the solid form of water (ice!) found naturally on places having colder and the coldest weather conditions. But I have seen this snow here in our hot Subtropical region also! Yes, but ….. inside the artificial snow showering room of Entertainment Fun centers!

Some exciting factors that I came across, and wondered about this snow are here:

Snow crystals are ice crystals formed directly from water vapors by cold air, and not from the freezing raindrops! They are produced inside the clouds at -10’C. They become hexagonal prisms of ice crystals as they grow by further deposits of ice crystals on their facets. They grow branches on their six corners in the process. As they become heavy (!) enough, they move out of the clouds and float down to earth as Snowflakes! Shapes of these snowflakes vary depending upon temperature and water vapor content. Snowflakes fall down to the earth to become the Snow!

We, people in India, see only the Sand sculptures (Sand art) and wonder! But in the colder countries one can see and wonder about the Snow castles, Ice sculptures, Snowman …etc. etc. at this time of Christmas – like us too, via satellite television!


h e m a n t h said...

the truck photo was shot by ME!!!

photo courtesy- h e m a n t h 2008 ;)

Cosmos said...

Yes that's why I informed you earlier!

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