Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beauty measured by Golden Number!

It is everybody’s observation that symmetry in every aspect gives the object its attraction, pleasing its observer. All the beautiful objects in Nature that appeals to us are thought to have certain neat arrangement of their structures in common. They are said to be in a symmetrical proportion called as the Golden ratio. This ratio in all of them works out to a common number, (approximately), the Golden number!
It is: 1.61803398…..! This number is unique in that its product with its own number is equal to its addition to the number, one!
The Golden ratio numbers are given as a series of numbers as follows:
0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, …………… and so on!
You see that there is one common nature in this series. The sum of any two successive numbers gives you the next number of them! This is called Fibonacci series of numbers.
Beauty in Art, Architecture, Anatomy and many others are explained by these Golden ratio numbers. In beautiful flowers the number of their petals is in Golden ratio numbers! In our body, for example, the hand’s lengths between finger tips to the elbow and that between the wrist and the elbow are also in Golden ratio numbers! You can try it yourself. Even our DNA molecule has these numbers: its width is about 21 angstrom and the height 34 angstrom!
This wonderful Golden ratio numbers have been discovered by Leonardo da vinci (Fibonacci)!

For those interested in finding out the nature of these numbers:



Its product with itself 1.61803398 x 1.61803398 = 2.61803398
Its addition to number, 1 1+1.61803398 = 2.61803398

See that both the resulting numbers are the same!

Golden ratio!
It is: 1:1.61803398…
Two numbers are said to be in Golden ratio when the ratio between their sum and their greater number is equal to the ratio between the greater one and the lesser one.
1+1.61803398 = 2.61803398 2.61803398 / 1.61803398 = 1.61803399

1.61803398 / 1 = 1.61803398
See that both the resulting numbers are the same! So, they are in Golden ratio.
It can also be explained with other successive Fibonacci series numbers. Try with them and verify yourself!
Source: Science Reporter

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