Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comet, an Astronomical Wonder!

The arrival of comets on the sky is a wonder to astronomers. But it is also believed by others as a bad omen attached to the leader of a country where it is seen. I wonder about this belief like this: a comet is seen all over the world in the skies of all the countries; then is it a sign of death for all those leaders?
Comets are heavenly bodies that revolve (orbit) around our sun like all our planets. So, they are seen periodically near our earth. They do not move with speed as the Shooting stars, Artificial satellites or Space stations. They are seen on the evening or the morning sky when sun sets down or rises up. They slowly move each day farther and go far away to be seen like an airplane that disappears at a distance on the sky.
Comets show a tail when they are near the sun. They consist of ice, dust and particles of rock. As these they go far away from the earth they leave behind debris that are attracted by earth’s atmosphere. When all these fall down on the earth, they produce or present the show of Meteor shower.

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