Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hunger for prevention of starvation

Hunger is a feeling of urge. It is the main stimulus from a person’s body to its own organ (the stomach) to get filled up with food for meeting its energy demands. This craving of the body for food is not for the person’s satisfaction of palate but for the relief of this urge – the hunger. Hunger is a warning signal to avoid starvation and the resultant death. It is one of the Nature’s tools to keep on our living!
Continue to read about the ways to relieve the ‘persisting hunger’ that results out of lack of filling in with food here: Click On!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Viruses - genetical alterations in the news!

Viruses can produce diseases; but some harmless variety of them (Bacteriophages) has been genetically altered to give electric current at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)! This virus - using batteries behave just like other rechargeable batteries used for charging cell phones or personal music gadgets. Moreover these virus batteries are non-toxic, lightweight and dry like any other Lithium – ion batteries. More such bio-batteries may evolve soon and reduce chemical pollution also - to save us!
In another news, it is reported that a genetically altered plant kills one disease-producing virus ! Yes, it is about the Tobacco plant (Nicotiana benthamiana) that produces a protein that has anti-HIV properties. This protein in the form of a gel prevents the spread of HIV through sexual intercourse! For altering the plant to produce this protein, a virus called the Tobacco Mosaic Virus is used! A virus to kill another harmful virus, the HIV!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Paper Wasps drive you out!

In the months of June or July I see the busy activities of wasps in and around the house. Every year certain kind of wasps builds their nest on the ceiling of the dark lumbar room. They first attach a short stem made of fiber to the ceiling (like that of a ceiling fan). Then they start building cells made with paper like light material. This material is got by mixing saliva and fiber got from dead woods. The whole nest remains suspended from the stem dangling. Usually the female wasps build the nest and rear the larvae in the cells. These are the Paper Wasps (Polistes fuscatus). They are ferocious; but remain calm except when you disturb their nest. They will be observing you as you approach; when you disturb they will fly, fall on you and sting before you become conscious of the attack, and you shall come to know about it only after feeling the sting pain hurting. Moreover, once the nest is established the wasps will defend it for your any move to drive them out. In fact they will drive you out! To get rid of them, the nest with all the wasps and their larvae must be destroyed with fire. Because, even if a few wasps are left out they will build again a nest at the same site!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Electrocardiograph reports about Heart!

Heart is symbolized as the indicator of love. But this heart is more important than one’s love as it pumps and drains blood, the vital energizer of our body. It has to be kept healthy to live with ease! To measure its health easily – through its electrical activity, we have an instrument called the Electrocardiograph. This machine feels the electric current originating from the heart (in the magnitude of millivolts!) at various places of body and records it on a waxed paper, to be seen and read by a Physician. This record, Electrocardiogram (ECG ), is in the form of waves having varying amplitudes corresponding to the heart’s current. This ‘life line of waves’ has to be in normal shape for a healthy heart! Any slight change in it means one must take care of heart and get immediate treatment to sustain his/her life.
Reading one’s mind may fail; but reading this wonderful ECG shall not fail in knowing about heart’s health!
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