Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Electrocardiograph reports about Heart!

Heart is symbolized as the indicator of love. But this heart is more important than one’s love as it pumps and drains blood, the vital energizer of our body. It has to be kept healthy to live with ease! To measure its health easily – through its electrical activity, we have an instrument called the Electrocardiograph. This machine feels the electric current originating from the heart (in the magnitude of millivolts!) at various places of body and records it on a waxed paper, to be seen and read by a Physician. This record, Electrocardiogram (ECG ), is in the form of waves having varying amplitudes corresponding to the heart’s current. This ‘life line of waves’ has to be in normal shape for a healthy heart! Any slight change in it means one must take care of heart and get immediate treatment to sustain his/her life.
Reading one’s mind may fail; but reading this wonderful ECG shall not fail in knowing about heart’s health!

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