Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fixing this Swine Flu infection!

Man’s association with animals and birds has also affected his health. Such diseases are called Zoonotic diseases. But there are also other diseases of animals that do not spread to human beings. Unusually a disease known to spread within animals only, has now spread to human beings speedily, killing many people – in Mexico. This virus disease is the Swine Flu. It is seen in swine like the Bird Flu is seen in fowls. Now, (it has changed its mind finding swine boring!) it is infecting man – due to reassortment of genes within its strains. The importance of this Swine flu is its alarming speed in spreading – it has now leaped up to other continents also, from Mexico, making itself a Pandemic from the Epidemic nature! It spreads from man to man through coughing or sneezing or even by touching the articles handled and then moving the hand either to the nose or the mouth! People suffering with this disease have the symptoms as that of Influenza – fever with chills, body pain, and headache, loss of appetite, sore throat, runny nose and cough. Usually its attacks are milder, and even if they are stronger antiviral medicines make it milder leading to recovery.
How to defend yourself against an infection with the Swine flu virus? Simply build general immunity within you by taking balanced diet, taking rest between works and having a good night’s sleep. And make it a habit to wash your hands and face (with soap and water) and gargle after your work and on entering your house. Avoid touching the nose, eyes or the mouth without washing the hands. If this flu is reported in your region, wear face masks and avoid visiting crowded places and make stringent washing the hands and face. Swine flu will be driven out of your way!

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