Monday, May 11, 2009

Lizards use tactics!

The Common house lizard (Gecko) uses tactics to get its prey:
At dusk I close the glass doors of windows to prevent the entry of mosquitoes into the house. If any female mosquito present inside the house tries to get out (for mating with the male mosquito outdoors – and returning back inside for human blood!), it dashes with the glass pane. At this time the lizard that is waiting on there catches it and devours! At times lizards go out before the door is shut and waits on the outer surface of the windows. As I switch on the fluorescent light source (- UV rays emitting) inside the house, the insects present outdoors are attracted by the light and dash with the glass pane. Now the lizards feast upon them! Similarly, just before dawn they get mosquitoes that escape out!
These wonder lizards have keen observation, and are cleverer in using tactics!

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