Friday, July 31, 2009

Flying Fish bypasses Evolution period!

It is said that land living, airborne birds developed from aquatic fish by evolution. Some present day fish surpass with the reptiles, and compete over birds to take to air by themselves from the seas as if they are birds now! Yes, the fish I refer to here is the Flying Fish (Exocoetus volitans). It is found in warm oceans such as Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This fish 'flies' away to escape from its predators. Actually in doing so, it leaps out of the sea water and glides above the water surface for a short distance of about sixty meters. For this, first it uses its tail fin to leap out of water and then spreads its strong pectoral fins to glide through in the air!

It is a wonder fish that bypasses or skips even the Evolution (period) to take off to the air!

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