Saturday, September 26, 2009

The inspiring Joey of Kangaroo!

Usually we see a big baby delivered from a huge animal. But in 1980s I read about an animal of six feet height,
that delivers its bean like baby having only two inches as length! ...It is nothing but the Kangaroo (Macropus rufus). Its newborn, called as Joey, is born without any hairs on its body, and is premature as it is delivered after about just thirty one days! This tiny baby after delivery climbs up to its mother's pouch holding on her hairs. In the pouch it sucks mother's milk from the teats and grows into the young kangaroo that we see often peeping out from mother's pouch. Mother's care towards its baby with love and protection is symbolized with this animal. Such a kangaroo mother's care is adapted to in human newborn baby care also, and that is called 'Kangaroo Mother Care'!

Only after reading about the joey in University library I realized that our Mother Nature has more such wonders, and began to go in search of them. This wonder baby of kangaroo is the sole and the ultimate inspiration of this blog!

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