Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sandgrouse has special care!

Sometimes, even at rain fed
areas farmers have to bear with patience, and adapt to the lesser rainfall in their area. It is needless to say then about the desert-like 'no rain area.' Out of many adaptations made by animals in such areas, a wonderful parental care is noteworthy here. Sandgrouse (Pteroclididae) flies miles to find out a water hole, dips in it, and flies back with its water-soaked feathers. The thirsty and waiting chicks suck water from its feathers and quench their thirst! For this activity the sand grouse has feathers in its belly that are specially adapted to absorb water and retain it. It has also got its legs feathered!

This sand grouse that has a pigeon-like small head, is a seed eater. It is monogamous. Both the male and the female share incubating duties. Chicks that hatch out from the eggs begin to feed for themselves at once.

This sand grouse is a wonder bird with its wonder and special parental care!

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