Friday, October 23, 2009

The mute FM Pocket Radio Receiver!

In the year 1970, I tried to tune in a new Pocket radio
receiver. But I could not hear any voice or music with it as there was no radio station found in its band. The radio was a present from a German penfriend to my brother - in- law. But how can a receiver produce sound if ... there is no transmitter at all? Yes, there were no FM transmitters then. It was a FM Pocket radio working with its FM band (Frequency Modulation)! Later in the year 1984, I was able to receive Ceylon (Sri Lanka) FM Stereo stations from till then quiescent FM radio band of my Two in One National Panasonic Radio! I was in wonder about it: I danced to the rhythm of the rock music broadcast from the English channel. I yearned for FM transmitters in India itself as the signals from the far away Ceylon (about two hundred kilometers) were fading now and then into nothing. Now after about twenty five years I hear here in India everywhere only FM radio stations broadcasting from any radio I find. In these days of radio signal interference - like that from Television, Cable television and Voltage Inverters, we find AM radio stations (Audio Modulation) quite noisy and FM radio stations essential, and feel them striking in nature with their all clear and high quality sounds and music. The FM band is so attractive that we listen to its music undeterred even when there is a thunder storm! It is a wonder FM to all!

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Ranjith Thiru said...

Dont worry Dad..

You can hear the same CEYLON FM through the FM's NextGen Technology..


It replicates the same Sinhala Tamil FM channel's Broardcast.


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